Loctite 5188 300ml Anaerobic Gasket Sealant

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Loctite 5188-300 Ml Highly Flexible Anaerobic Gasket LOCTITE 5188 is designed to function in the most demanding applications with superior adhesion and flexibility, even after heat aging. OEMs and sub-suppliers have long been enjoying the technical and economical benefits of anaerobic gasketing materials. Now LOCTITE 5188 takes this technology to a new level.

Tamil Nadu, India

LOCTITE 5188 - 300Ml represents the latest anaerobic gasketing technology with extremely high flexibility.
Henkelʼs dedicated technical resources provide assembly solutions on site to improve your product
and productivity by offering:
  • Design specification and testing
  • Process setup and optimization
  • Application equipment and system integration

  • Highly flexible even after heat aging
  • Supports direct metal-metal flange design
  • Very good adhesion especially to aluminium
  • Tolerates micro movements on highly stressed flanges
  • Immediate on-line sealing tests possible
  • Suitable for usage with oils and coolants
  • Excellent chemical and thermal resistance

  • Medium to high strength
  • Instant low pressure seal
  • Oil tolerent
  • Contolled engineering tolerence
  • Ideal for engine compartment applications.
  • User and eco friendly

Technical Data:
Product family - Methacrylate
Color - Red, fluorescent
Viscosity - 11,000 – 32,000 mPa-s (23,000 mPa-s as per catalog)
Tensile shear on steel (N/mm2)- 7.8
Elongation at break - >186%
Elongation at break after heat age at 150°C  - 60%
Operating temperature  - -40°C to +150°C
Sealing performance against media:
Motor oil - Excellent
Automatic transmission fluid - Excellent
Water/glycol - Excellent
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