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Turn Your Store Into a Online Business

Step 1: Register as a seller

To become an grademart seller, you have to register as a seller. Fill on the contact form to receive the Vendor Registration Form (VRF) via email, submit the VRF with your details and get verified as a seller.

Step 2:Start listing your products

If you wish to sell your products on grademart, you can upload your product image, name, price, quantity deatils into our seller page.

Step 3: Start selling

Once your products get listed, customers can see your product catalogue, features and specifications. Customers can easily compare product details and prices online. Constantly update your product price and stock availability.

Step 4:Receive Orders

Grademart makes selling your product easy with user friendly web interface, secure payment infrastructure and 24x7 availability for order online anytime anywhere. Get zero listing fees and a nominal marketing fee to sell your products, means more profit for you.

Step 5:Deliver Products to Customers

If you have stocked goods in our warehouse, then as soon as the customer places an order, our team will pick, pack & ship the goods to grademart warehouse with in 24hours of order, If you are maintaing the stock in your warehouse , you need to ship the goods to our fulfillment center once you receive the order details.

Step 6: Receive Payment from Grademart

Payment for the order is deposited into your bank account, as per the payment cycle after deducting any applicable taxes. Generate more revenues on

Fulfillment by Grademart

Grademart offers two options that merchants can use. Here's how:

  • Fulfillment by Grademart (FBG) model
    For quick deliveries, you can pre-stock the goods with Grademart fulfillment center (FBG) and we manage the complete task of picking, packing and shipping, when an order is received.
  • Shipping by Grademart (SBG) model
    You pack the product as per our guidelines and ship it to Grademart shipment center (SBG) with in 12hours of order and our shipping partner delivers it to the customer.
  • Benefits of FBG
    We will offer you support from order receipt to delivery, covering product pick-up, packaging, shipping, shipment tracking and payment collection. Best of all, Grademart helps you expand your business and reach customers nationwide like never before!
  • Concentrate on your core business
    We will take care of your inventory and deliveries, saving you precious time and money that you can spend on growing your business
  • Expand without any growing pains
    Our infrastructure will allow you to grow your sales and operations exponentially without investments in capital or manpower. Further, we constantly innovate on technology and business for operational efficiency

Features For Sellers

Unlimited No.of Products | Zero Listing Fees | Dedicated Seller Support | Sell Across India | Fullfillment by grademart | Market Place Eco System for sellers and buyers


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Selling FAQ

You can cancel your seller registration anytime you want, by writing an email to us at
Currently you can sell products in India only. Grademart will expand outside india in a later phase, then you may sell outside India.
No. You just need to register as a seller with Grademart and list your products to start selling. Grademart will provide you all tools and infrstructures required to sell online
No. We mention the your Vendor Id on product detail pages and the invoice too will carry your Vendor ID. But no where a customer knows your name.
Billing to customer will be done through Grademart Ecommerce Pvt ltd.
We have a user-friendly dashboard (coming soon) available for you to manage your orders, products & inventory once you are registered as a seller.
Payment for all successful orders would be transferred to your bank account as per the payment cycle ( 30 Days ) as agreed on seller agreement, from date of recipt/GRN at our fullfilment center (incase of no returns from consumer),
Grademart will arrange return shipment service from the customer place to your place. But the actual shipping charges or a nomial fee of 2% will be charged on your account as a debit note. which will be adjusted on future transactions. Please refer to our Cancellation & Returns Policy
Customers can leave feedback by means of seller testimonisals or product reviews or through direct communicatioon channels for your products and services. We will rate vendors based on the customer feedback and priority of orders will be gives to highly reliable vendors with good customer feedback
Fulfillment by Grademart (FBG) is a service provided by Grademart to stock sellers products, pick & pack, ship to customers, provide customer service and handle returns. This is a special service offered by exclusively to its eligible sellers to improove customer service and leadtime
  • Currently, we are inviting sellers in the following categories :
  • Abrasives
  • Tools (Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Power Tools)
  • Adhesives
  • Material Handling and storage
  • We will expand our product ranges on near future.
    keep in touch with us, if you like to launch you category on our site.
Currently there is no subscription fees to sell on
No additional charges is applicable for FBG, its completly FREE
Grademart currently is not responsible for any installation, maintenance, repairs or after-sales service of the products sold via It is the sole responsibility of the seller/manufacturer to provide such services if applicable.
There are no minimum requirements on the number of products to sell on grademart or to use FBG. But you must be a registered business entity with GSTIN and a valid bank account.
Goods not sold within a duration of 90 days, since receipt of goods shall be returned back to seller, if requested.
Vendors generally prefer to keep slow moving goods at the Grademart warehouse and fast-moving goods at their own premises and ship it to grademart on each order basis. But it purely depends on your decision to store products at FBG. FBG will improove your sales probability by providing faster delviery to customers
Products should be packed as per the Grademart's packaging guidelines, which will be shared with you via email after registration completion.

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